Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Transitional Seasons

While I would love to blog all the time, it seems that time is my problem. So, I am happy if I can write once a month. I figured right now, while I am inspired by this changing season of fall, would be a perfect time while the trees are in full fall firework fashion.

We just finished up a busy fall soccer/volleyball season. I think we might have a month's rest before some other sport begins. While my kids sports are winding down, I am hoping my sport of running will gear up again.  I have suffered from serious lack of motivation.  I still run, but I am down to 3 days a week.  I am going to sign up for 1/2  marathon in December. Maybe I will increase to at least 4 days.  Races are always a motivator.  I do pilates/yoga on 2 off days so I am not terribly lazy ;).

The other morning was one of those I had to force-to-lace-up mornings.  But as with all runs, I am glad I did.  The sun was shining and the golden, maroon, burnt orange array of hues were a reminder of God's beautiful creation in nature and in the human body.  My pace was not fast, but I breathed in the crisp air, my mind was clear, and I felt inhuman.  I think that might be what is described as a runner's high.

Fall and spring are short lived seasons but by far the most beautiful, in my opinion.  They are a time of transition. Kind of a metaphor of life. We are always in a state of transitioning.  Some transitions are short lived, some are lifelong.  Some good, some bad. The transition that should be lifelong for believers is that we should be constantly in the state of conversion.  

The sacraments of initiation have been on my mind lately (baptism, communion, and confirmation). Baptism and communion mainly because we started back religious education classes and that's what I have been teaching about.  Our parish only does confirmation every 4 years and this is the year for it. Sadly, with confirmation, this the last religious education a believer has.  They do not do much beyond that to grow in their faith.  So, it's no wonder many Catholics when asked the tough questions have no clue. Their faith is that of a teenager.  

I fail miserably, but I try to do spiritual and biblical readings every day. I am constantly aware of how stupid I am!  We do have a weekly bible class for adults.  With all the busy-ness with my kids, I can never make it.   (Devil is smiling-he loves us busy).  Maybe this winter I can attend.  Regardless, I do say my 'canned' prayers with my children, we pray for others and our own needs daily.  I was told it is good to do 30 minutes of spiritual reading a day.  Some days it happens, others zero.  I do believe one thing we must do daily is pray.  Prayer is a way to be constantly converted, this is a way we can deal with life's constant transitions.

If I could recommend anything, read, read, read.  Not only your Bible, but find something that speaks to your soul.  Lives of the saints, church fathers, contemporary authors... I am reading Bishop Fulton Sheen now.  Watch religious movies and documentaries. Fill your mind with all things religious so to keep out the evil temptations.  

Spring and fall are the short transitional seasons, but most of our time is spent in summer and winter. Our lives are constantly transitioning with the busy-ness of living. But, how are you going to live your seasons now as to transition your soul to our Father in Heaven?