Monday, September 14, 2015

The Happy Life and Times of Simple Me: A New Season

The Happy Life and Times of Simple Me: A New Season: Where have I been? Last post was June. I did not accomplish my goal of living simply this summer. Now it's been nothing but 'stupid ...

A New Season

Where have I been? Last post was June. I did not accomplish my goal of living simply this summer. Now it's been nothing but 'stupid busy' (my new phrase).  We are in the midst of soccer and volleyball season with marching band thrown in.  Still driving continuously back and forth to town. So much, in fact, a deer ran into my husband's path and decided to murder our 17 year old, 319,000 mile civic. My daughter was with him.  All I have to say is those two have some rockin' guardian angels.  By looking at the car, it's by God's grace they were not injured.  We are still in mourning. However, a reluctant seller sold us his very used, beloved civic with only 312,000 miles.  Honda owners are like a special fraternity.  We understand each other.

So now what? Summer is gone, cool days are being mixed in with hot.  Leaves are slowly changing. Mums are on the porch. Fall is approaching.  I love fall. Really, all seasons, but certain things about fall speak to my soul.  The beauty of the trees, collecting funny shaped acorns with the kids, crisp air, perfect running weather, pumpkin flavored everything, candy corn and peanuts, gourds decorating my porch, bonfires, hot cider, etc.  I love living in the midwest so I can experience God's 4 seasons and their uniqueness.

I have began a new phase (season) in my life and am still trying to figure it out.  It's been a month since school started and I have no little ones at home.  For 14 years there has been someone along side me.  I have to admit, it's nice to hear quiet.  There are some days my heart tugs a little because they are growing up, but that's what they are supposed to do. I can't stop time.  It's hard to be sad when your kindergartner LOVES school. I am so happy for him.  It seems though, I still cannot accomplish anything.  I had an epiphany the other day.  My mind is thinking 'ok, no kids, you can get a lot done'.   So I work fast and furious and the next thing I know they are getting off the bus.  I think my to do list is a little ambitious therefore placing undue stress upon myself.  I will figure it out.  Like today, I am going to blog and clean the house later.  What good is living if you  live off your to do list every day? I do my best to take care of my family but do they really care if the walls were wiped down today? I think they would prefer a mother that was ready for them when they get off the bus. Not finishing up cleaning or errands.  I discovered that I need to start supper at 2:00 because every night we are either running kids to practice or going to games,  throw in homework, baths and cleaning up the kitchen, it's pretty crazy.

So there's a new season approaching in the air and a new season in my life. What's on my to do list today? 7 loads of laundry (that's what you get when you don't do laundry one day in this house), vacuuming, dusting, dishes, making homemade applesauce, sweeping the porch, watering the flowers, doing some volunteer paperwork, all before starting supper at 2:00.  Or maybe I'll just take a walk with Bosco in the crisp autumn air, soak in the sunshine and enjoy a hot tea on the porch.  Who am I kidding? I'll get the to do list done because I have a problem with knowing how to live  a simple life.

Or, maybe, my approach to this is all wrong.  I should live the example of the Saints. Mother Theresa said 'do small things with great love.' St. Benedict's rule of work and prayer “Idleness is the enemy of the soul. Therefore all the community must be occupied at definite times in manual labour and at other times in lectio divina.” (The Rule of St. Benedict, Chapter 48) There are times for work, prayer and rest. My work is not only for myself, but for the benefit of others.  I can sometimes work and pray at the same time. One time I read an article about mothers and housework. I wish I could reference it.  One practical thing I took out of it was when folding laundry say a prayer for that person's clothes you are folding.  Work can be prayer, it can be holy. There are times when we need to set  time aside to feed the soul, but the bulk of our time is spent in work and our attitude towards it makes us either holy or bitter.  

I am blessed.  I embrace this role as a stay at home mom.  I LOVE not having to leave the home for work and my husband spoils me rotten. I can't imagine a better life. I am truthfully, undeserving.  Now that my new season is beginning, I pray that God leads me in my next phase of how to spend my time. Whether is be endless loads of laundry or a new ministry, I pray that I am willing to take on the task with holiness.

How can you take on work with holiness?