Thursday, June 4, 2015

Simply least longing for it

Where did May go?  Not one blog during that month.  I kept saying "May is busier than December." It's true. With all the end of the school year activities, field trips, spring sports finishing, summer sports beginning, Josef's First Communion (which I really, really wanted to blog about), and his birthday, our anniversary, memorial day weekend....oh vay!  My head was spinning. So much for the simple life.  June is not looking good either.  These kids are in way too many activities for me, but whadda do?  The white board with all our activities are still full. So much for a relaxing summer.

So what do I do?  I make numerous trips back and forth to town and spend my evenings at the ball park because I love my kids and they love their activities.  I plant less in my garden (finally June 2,  want blog about my redneck gardening too), expect only bare minimum housework, and try to keep the peace.  We have plans to go camping and attend the hillbilly/hoosier reunion in West Virginia (with a side trip to Heinz field to visit our beloved Steelers).  Maybe a few other spontaneous activities will happen.

What do I long for?  Reading books on my porch while sipping some Kombucha (my new tea, I should blog about that one too), while petting my Bosco. Watching the kids play their own pick up baseball game (maybe join them), watch my garden grow, pick wild berries, lay out in the sun, swim, make homemade ice cream, cloud watch, run, blog, catch fireflies... I want to savor summer.

God has given me 5 wonderful children.  I want them to have a good childhood experience. I don't give them everything they want, and I don't always deny them the things they like to do.  So, it's not about me.  I have been a little emotional, reminiscent lately. My oldest has her driver's permit and my youngest will be going to kindergarten.  They won't stop growing! So, I am trying to 'chill out' and make summer about them and about fun.  My kids do better if they are structured otherwise it's bickering and boredom.  Structured doesn't necessarily mean numerous organized activities but today we are going for a walk in the woods or getting ice cream at the Sundae Shoppe.

Summer should be the time when the simple life should be lived to it's fullest.  My life is not simple. I try to make it that way but no matter how hard I try, it gets more complicated.  But it's a goal, something to strive for and I am not giving up.

How do you live Summer simply?

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