Tuesday, March 31, 2015


March 31st fou-tay-one years ago, I was born.  A quick glance at my life.  I have had a very blessed one. Good parents, a simple childhood that we had everything we needed but not necessarily everything we wanted (which is a good lesson for today's kids).  A nice, small Indiana hometown to grow up in.  Did well in school and in college.  Have always had awesome friends.  Found an incredible husband and we are in the mist of raising 5 very active kids. Life is good.

I woke up feeling fou-tay-one. I had a bad night sleep, night sweats, achy legs, icky stomach.  My daily reading was Psalms 71 "Prayer in the time of old age".  Oh vay...hope this is not any indication of how 41 is going to be.

My plans to celebrate this one day a year that I should feel special...enjoying the outdoors.  Cleaning up the garden, raking the dead leaves out of flower beds, Fulton wants to jump on my niece's  trampoline (something a woman with 5 children can no longer do).  I might have to come inside a little to do dishes, laundry and tidy up.  After school, Kevin and I will wave at each other on the road while we run kids to their various activities.  Probably not going to have a family dinner together tonight.  Understand now why I long for a simple life?

Or maybe (if even the coffee kicks in and I start to feel better) I will just 'play sick' and lay on the couch all day eating cookie dough.  Oh but that's not me, I will get bored.  Plus, the weather is beautiful.  Maybe I'll just brew another pot of coffee and Fulton and I will make chocolate chip cookies. Cookies are my request in replace of cake, but no one else has time to make them, so Fulty and I will just do it and eat 1/2 the dough!

Having my birthday this time of year it often falls around Easter and a few times, on Easter.   Easter is this Sunday.  I love coloring Easter Eggs.  I adore the imaginations of children. I believe they are true artists.  I am proud of my kids artwork.  More importantly, they understand Easter is not bunnies, chocolate and eggs.  

To get to Easter, we have to have Holy Week.  Thursday the Lord's Supper, Friday the Passion, Saturday waiting in the tomb...then boom SUNDAY! Christ will rise!  One thing I did last year was pull my kids out of school for the Good Friday service at 2.  They loved that.  I encourage parents to do the same. Losing a little school time for the Lord is not going to hurt their academics. 

So, my birthday and Easter and aging body...all in one blog.  My life may not be as simple as I want it, but it is more blessed then I deserve. My fou-tay-one years have felt like I am living heaven on earth, I can't  imagine wait the real place will be like.

Are you living Heaven on Earth?