Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Simple life

I would like to call myself an overachiever, I am really just an over-doer.  I seem to make the simple complicated instead of making the complicated simple.  Today's average family is 2-3 kids, nope not me, had to have 5.  Started running almost 4 years ago, can't just go out and run, have to help form a running club and run every race I can afford, including a marathon.  I will say I totally overachieved when I married my husband. He rocks. One thing I do try to keep a handle on is my volunteer duties. I do say no to some things but still....overdoer or overachiever or overly crazy?  I can't just teach religious education I have to chose First Communion class AND be Director of Religious Ed. Can't just volunteer for a race have to be race director. I can't just put out a few tomato plants, I have to put out 60. I have to pickle, can and freeze everything because dare we let one zucchini go to waste.  Although this year in the mist of winter, I am having deep regrets to not canning enough green beans because the store kind are crap.  I have problems.

My life has been blessed with a wonderful, hard working husband that has a good job so I can stay home and raise our five children.  Four of them are in school and one is in his last year at home with mama until he starts kindergarten (starting to get a little antsy about this). Of course, I am busy, but a challenge I have is what to do with my time. I am the master of it. My daily prayer of lately is "lord, help me make good use of my time."  I find myself too long on the computer instead of mopping the floor or whatever task needs to be done.  My mind runs a mile a minute of all the duties I have and the next thing that needs to be marked off the list like keeping a clean house, doing the laundry, exercising, planning meals, shopping, volunteer duties, spending time with my children and poor neglected husband...the list goes on.  Busy, busy, busy.  Now, I start a blog. Probably not a good use of my time...

So as this new year starts I am committing to one new year resolution: recycle cardboard.  This,  because it is simple. I am at my best when life is simple, as we all probably are. Spending time outside, reading a book, laughing at my 4 yr old when you look over and see he is sucking the ketchup straight out of the leftover McDonald's packet that has been in the fridge for 3 months (just happened), talking with my husband,  making maple syrup with my family, running...I am living in the moment.  I also resolved to live life  more simply. Even when designing this blog I looked forever at all the different layouts and finally decided I was wasting my time and went with the 'simple' format.

This blog was just interrupted so that my son and I could make snow ice cream.  I made maple snow and he invented his own recipe with honey, milk and sugar. It is the simple things...And interrupted again for the dire need to make kool-aid for supper even though it's only 3:00.

What kind of life is it if we are to busy to live? I do hope to blog at least once a week and end each blog with a question for the reader. If anyone choses to follow this blog! Ah well, if I don't get any readers, I simply don't care. I am simply enjoying an outlet for my thoughts.  I am also simply overusing the word simple. :) This blog's question is obvious.  What are you doing to make your life simple?

Live Simply - Paulo Coelho - FREE PRINTABLE