Thursday, January 15, 2015

Feeding the Spirit

OK back to the whole purpose of this blog...the simple things.

Pulling your 4 year old over the ice on a sled.
Finding a new hill to sled on.
Laying face up on the snow.
Listening to 100 geese flying over.
Listening to silence.
Noticing not a cloud in the sky.
Seeing your son be "king of the mountain."
Petting your big Bosco puppy.
Listening to your kitty purr on your lap.
Seeing if the ice is safe to cross.
Watching Sesame Street.
Reading a book.
Making a homemade supper from scratch (with maple syrup as the main ingredient).
Spotting a cardinal in the snow out the window.
A simple blog.

That's what I accomplished today.

What did you accomplish that spoke to your spirit?